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Myths and Truths of GMO’s

Some argue that genetic engineering has occurred throughout history and that only the technology is new. For example, when a farmer naturally crosses the strain of one plant with another to bring out certain traits or to improve yield, this is genetic engineering. Others say that the ability of bioscientists to take a specific gene from a plant or other living DNA and artificially add this to another plant, animal or human is different.

It’s interesting to note that Monsanto claims in their patent applications for their Round-Up Ready® seeds that their genetically altered seeds are substantially unique, thus deserving a patent. But, the company also argues that consumers should not be concerned as their plants are essentially the same as non-GMO crops. Well, which is it?

Decide for yourself. This brief video looks at the Myths and Truths of GMO’s. You can also visit http://earthopensource.org for more information.


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