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Seeds of Death Documentary

The ability to add the genetic material from one species to another has been around for many years. But chemical companies, like Monsanto, have recently perfected the process of genetically modifying plant organisms (GMO’s). In fact, they now do it so well, they have been able to secure patent protection on the resulting hybrid seeds. As a basic example, Monsanto develops and sells seeds that are Round-Up Ready®. This means that most Corn and nearly all Soy seeds in the US are modified to resist the spraying of glyphosate, the key weed-killer chemical in Round-up®. So, farmers can spray as much Round-Up® as they need to kill weeds, without harming the GM plant.

Some researchers see this as a “perfect storm” as the consumption of GMO’s may have unanticipated health effects for us. The large amount of Round-Up® being used as part of their patented process is ending-up in the plant, the soil, our water and ultimately our bodies. Unfortunately, this particular advancement in bioscience may be a detriment to the human race as some of the effects of GMO’s are unknown and likely irreversible. Seeds of Death is an enlightening documentary about GMO’s and the risks we are taking with our lives and the lives of our children.


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