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Sugar May Not be that Sweet

One of the more interesting recommendations in the just-released Dietary Guidelines for Americans written by the USDA and Health & Human Services (HHS) is the recommendation that we substantially reduce added sugars. This is not too surprising considering that the average American now consumes roughly 156 pounds of sugar each year.

As outlined in the report, added sugars account for almost 270 calories (13% of total calories) during the average day, per person in the U.S. As illustrated in Figure 2-9 from the guidelines, this is significantly higher for children, adolescents, and young adults, who naturally consume a disproportionate of sweetened beverages and snacks. The recommended goal is that added sugars amount to less than 10% of total calories.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.13.17 PM

But, these findings are not new. In fact, researchers have warned us for years about the large amount of sugar we consume and the negative health consequences as a result. Medical studies and common sense have proven that excessive sugar consumption leads to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. But, more controversial research links sugar consumption to cancer and surprisingly Alzheimer’s disease as discussed in this video report from Canada’s 5th Estate news program.

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